Financial Aid

Relationships—whether between students and faculty or students and administration—are at the core of the success of all our endeavors at Sunbridge Institute. We understand that finding ways to afford quality Waldorf teacher education often requires this same collaborative effort.

Our Finance Office works proactively with you and the school at which you work (if applicable) to make you aware of all available options for financing your Waldorf teacher education; moreover, we offer discounts to schools that support four or more students in any teacher education program in the same academic year. Our Finance Director is available before every intensive to consult with you to discuss practical, manageable tuition payments options, including monthly payment plans, and to offer confidential, individual guidance where necessary.

Financial aid packages that reduce tuition costs by up to one third—and, in some cases, by up to 40%—are available to those who qualify. We strive to ensure that levels of aid awarded to you as an incoming student remain constant throughout the length of your Sunbridge studies. Aid is awarded based on students’ needs and monies available.

Assistance comes in the form of:

  • Sunbridge scholarships
  • AWSNA loans and grants
  • Funding from the student’s Waldorf school
    Students are encouraged to talk to the Waldorf schools at which they work to explore their options there.

When applying for financial aid, please be sure to include your financial aid application with your admissions application.  Although aid will not be awarded until you are accepted into a program, an estimate of the amount available may be given early in the acceptance process based on demonstrated need and potential availability of funds.

Below are the current forms of aid available:

Sunbridge Institute scholarships:

Who is eligible?

Any student admitted and enrolled in a Sunbridge Institute teacher education program

How do I apply?

Complete the Sunbridge Financial Aid Application.
Click here to access the online version or here to download the paper version. (NOTE: A Financial Aid Application is included in each program application; if you are a new, incoming student, please use the Financial Aid Application included in your program application form.)
Financial aid cannot be awarded until you have been accepted into the program.

NOTE: The Sunbridge Scholarship Committee asks that each applicant for financial aid apply for an AWSNA loan, as it is expected that every available source of financial support is utilized. Failure to apply for an AWSNA loan may affect the amount of aid granted by the Committee.

Association of Waldorf Schools in North America (AWSNA)

Read about AWSNA loans and matching grants.

AWSNA Loans:

The AWSNA loan will be fully forgiven if any of the following conditions are met:

  • Teach 3/4 or full-time in an AWSNA- or WECAN-member school for one full year after your Sunbridge graduation IF you also taught 3/4 to full-time for two consecutive years in an AWSNA- or WECAN-member school leading up to your Sunbridge graduation
  • Teach 3/4 or full-time in an AWSNA- or WECAN-member school for two full, consecutive years after your Sunbridge graduation IF you also taught for one full year in an AWSNA- or WECAN-member school in the preceding year leading up to your Sunbridge graduation
  • Teach 3/4 or full-time in an AWSNA- or WECAN-member school for three full, consecutive years immediately after your Sunbridge graduation

NOTE: Because circumstances may change—necessitating repaying of the loan—you must be in a secure financial position to receive an AWSNA loan.

Who is eligible?

Anyone enrolled in a Sunbridge program who meets the above criteria.

How do I apply?

AWSNA application must be completed before loan allocations are made.

AWSNA Matching Grants

Who is eligible?
  • Currently practicing teachers in an AWSNA-affiliated school.
  • The school MUST commit to paying a portion of the tuition for  the student to be eligible.
How do I apply?
  • Complete the AWSNA Matching Grant application, and include a letter from the school that commits a specific amount towards your studies at Sunbridge Institute.

Letter from school must be received before award can be made. Grant amount depends on the amount available and may be lower than the school commitment.

Vermont Student Assistance Corporation

Students who live in Vermont may qualify for Non-Degree Grants from the Vermont Student Assistance Corporation.   Please note that the VSAC academic year begins on July 1 of each year and runs through June 30.   Students who begin their studies before July 1 are eligible to receive awards for the fall through the following summer intensive.  Awards are granted for two intensives per academic year.  For more information, please go to

Michael Foundation

The Michael Foundation is a private fund dedicated to supporting the education of Waldorf  teachers.  Applications must be received before February 1 in order to qualify for grants to be applied to the June 1- May 31 academic year.  For more information, please go to

Payment Plan Information:

Tuition Management Systems

Sunbridge Institute has a relationship with Tuition Management Systems where you may set up a payment plan. There is no interest charged, but there is an $80 setup fee.

Who is eligible?

Any student admitted and enrolled in a Sunbridge Institute teacher education program

How do I apply?
  • call Tuition Management Systems at 1-800-722-4867 or
  • visit their website at


If you have any questions about affording or paying for your Sunbridge education, please contact Bette Shertzer, our Finance Director, at 845-425-0055 X 25 or


Please note: Sunbridge Institute is a licensed school with the New York State Department of Education, and our students are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

Disclaimer: Sunbridge Institute does not endorse any scholarship aid services provided via the Internet. Students are cautioned to research Internet services that seek compensation for scholarship searches.