Administration & Board

Sunbridge Administration

  • Tanya Corrin

    Tanya joined Sunbridge’s staff in 2016 as the Institute’s first Alumni and Donor Relations Coordinator. Prior to coming to Sunbridge, Tanya worked as a freelance journalist for 15 years and prior to that as a website producer, advertising account coordinator, and video awards producer for Amnesty International. She has taught yoga and meditation in New York City, including Ashtanga Yoga to students in New York City public schools. As a new Waldorf parent, Tanya is thrilled to be serving Sunbridge’s alumni and donors, helping the community to grow and thrive. Tanya holds a BA in Economics from Bates College and is a Watson Fellowship recipient. When she’s not working or spending time with her two daughters, she can be found trail running on the grounds of the Threefold Community or hiking upstate.

  • Ivy Greenstein

    Ivy has been Sunbridge’s Director of Outreach since 2011, handling all communications, design, and marketing work. Formerly the Director of Outreach and Alumni Relations at Green Meadow Waldorf School, Ivy earlier served as the Administrative Director for Sunbridge College’s Barfield School master’s program. Her background in non-profit administration includes working as admissions officer at Columbia Law School, publications coordinator for the Detroit Grand Opera Association, and public relations assistant for the Museum of Contemporary Crafts. Ivy, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Art History from Kirkland (Hamilton) College, came to Waldorf Education 15 years ago as a Waldorf parent and is now a proud Waldorf grandparent. She loves the creative aspects of her position and is delighted to have the opportunity to promote the mission and the work of Sunbridge Institute.

  • Helen Lee

    Sunbridge’s newest staffer, Helen took on the role of Admissions and Summer Series Coordinator in fall 2016. Helen’s interest in Waldorf Education was sparked many years ago by a close friend who was a Sunbridge alumna; together, the two held Waldorf-inspired parent-child classes for Russian-speaking children in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Resonating deeply with the philosophy and principles of Waldorf Education led Helen to become a Waldorf parent herself (she and her husband recently enrolled their daughter in Waldorf kindergarten) and to seek out a similarly aligned career path.  With a professional and educational background that includes serving as a compliance officer at a financial services firm, computer lab specialist, Russian translator and interpreter, and travel consultant; a bachelor’s degree in international management from Pace University; and training at the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, Helen brings many relevant skills and experiences to her Sunbridge work. We are delighted to welcome her on board.

  • Jennifer Melendez

    Jennifer joined Sunbridge as Administrative Assistant in 2013, providing support especially to the Outreach and Admissions departments. A graduate of the Katharine Gibbs School, she was formerly an administrative assistant in the Private Banking division of JP Morgan Chase. A busy mother of four and a community volunteer, Jennifer values her time with family, friends and pet beagle.  She enjoys cooking, baking and gardening and, in the future, would love to learn to play the guitar and to perfect her Spanish.

  • Tamara Photiadis

    Tamara joined Sunbridge in 2014 as Registrar. Previously, she had a long career in advertising graphics, including business ownership, and before that, many years in accounting for non-profit organizations and colleges. She holds a BS in Business Administration. Tamara’s two young children are students at Green Meadow Waldorf School, and her hobbies include sewing, holistic healing, and reading. She is a strong Waldorf enthusiast and is thrilled to serve the community by keeping meticulous records for our students and faculty.

  • Bette Shertzer

    Bette is the Finance Director at Sunbridge and has been involved with bookkeeping and accounting for over 40 years. Active in the alternative movements of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, Bette was always the person “keeping the books.” A native New Yorker, she spent 11 years in Harlemville, NY, working in the finance office at the Hawthorne Valley Association and at the Hawthorne Valley Waldorf School. In the late 90s she moved back to New York City and soon learned that Sunbridge needed someone to help with finances a few days a week. She’s still at it! Bette is an active member of the Section for the Social Sciences of the School of Spiritual Science and enjoys going to the NY Philharmonic and the NYC Ballet.

  • Anna Silber

    Anna joined Sunbridge Institute as Director of Education in 2012. Previously, she taught as a class teacher at Green Meadow Waldorf School for five years and served there as a mentor on the Teacher Development Committee; she also worked with the Green Meadow administrator on curriculum-related projects, as well as offering teacher support. Anna is a founding member of The Clover Hill School, a Waldorf early childhood initiative in Norwalk, CT. A student of anthroposophy for many years, she has lectured about Waldorf Education throughout the region and is the lead instructor for Sunbridge’s Waldorf Weekend workshops. Prior to her work in Waldorf Education, Anna had a career in commercial real estate finance at J.P. Morgan Investment Management. She has a bachelor’s degree in Geography from U.C. Berkeley and a master’s in Elementary Education from Sunbridge College. Anna and her husband are parents of two young daughters, both of whom are Waldorf school students.

  • Jessica Heffernan Ziegler

    Jessica has been the Executive Director of Sunbridge Institute since 2008. Her professional background in Waldorf Education includes serving as the first administrator and as a board member at a Waldorf school she co-founded in Everswinkel, Germany. Jessica, who holds a BS in Business Management, has worked as an executive coach and organizational development consultant for Waldorf school administrators and teachers, as well as other professionals, since 2004, consulting in diverse institutions and schools in both the US and Germany. She did her biography training with Karl-Heinz Finke, is currently engaged in training with SECA International, and is a partner in MIRA Companions for Development. Jessica’s professional focus on governance issues, personnel development, and leadership skills are utilized in both her Executive Director position and in her work as co-instructor of Sunbridge’s Collaborative Leadership course and related workshops.


    Jessica is a parent of a son and a daughter, both of whom went through Waldorf schools and graduated from Green Meadow Waldorf School.  Her deep belief that education can improve the world—and that Waldorf schools offer the most inspired and meaningful approach to education—is the prime motivation behind her work at Sunbridge. When she is not in her office, Jessica creates her elixir to daily life by spending time near, or on, the water.



Sunbridge Board of Trustees

  • Betsy Gimenez

    A Sunbridge Board member since 2013, Betsy is a class teacher at The Brooklyn Waldorf School. She is a longtime Waldorf educator, with experience as an early childhood educator and an art teacher in addition to class teaching. Prior to joining the faculty in Brooklyn, Betsy’s long career included teaching at the Waldorf School of Baltimore, the Charlottesville Waldorf School, and Camp Hill Special Schools. She served the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America as Leadership Council representative for the Atlantic/Southeast for seven years, and prior to that, served on the Association’s Eastern Regional Committee. Betsy did her teacher training studies under Werner Glas at the Waldorf Institute of Detroit.

  • Niko Hilgerdt

    Sunbridge’s newest trustee (2016), Niko is the Pedagogical Administrator of the Waldorf School of Princeton (NJ). Prior to his current position at Princeton, Niko shepherded a class there through seventh and eighth grades and, before that, taught at a charter school in New Mexico and at the Tacoma Waldorf School (WA). Niko is a graduate of Green Meadow Waldorf School (NY); he earned his BA at St. John’s College in Maryland and his MA at St. John’s College in New Mexico, and also studied in Ireland, Japan and the Czech Republic. We are happy to welcome him to Sunbridge.

  • Lisa Miccio

    Lisa joined the Sunbridge Board in 2013. She is on the faculty of Green Meadow Waldorf School (NY), where she teaches Kindergarten, is co-chair of the Early Childhood section, a member of the Collegium Committee, and a member of the Board. She also teaches Sunbridge’s Introduction to Waldorf Early Childhood Education Summer Series course. Lisa has been an educational professional for 18 years, with 15 years experience as a Waldorf early childhood educator. In addition to her nine years as a kindergarten teacher at Green Meadow, her experience includes teaching at Mountain Laurel Waldorf School (NY) and Dayspring Community School (NY). Lisa holds a BA in English from the College of Charleston, an MS in Elementary Education from CW Post, Long Island University, and an MS in Waldorf Education from Sunbridge College. She is the mother of two Waldorf sons.


  • Bernard Weintraub

    Bern is the President of Sunbridge’s Board, a position he assumed in 2009. An environmental and real estate attorney, he holds degrees from Cornell University (BS 1986, Natural Resource Management; AB 1987, Government);  Yale University School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (MES 1993, Environmental Studies); and New York University School of Law (JD 1993). Bern and his wife have three daughters, all of whom attended Green Meadow Waldorf School (NY).