Campus & Community

IMG_2232 Main HouseSunbridge Institute is housed on the 140-acre campus of the Threefold Educational Center in Chestnut Ridge (Rockland County), NY. As one in a cluster of several anthroposophically-based institutions situated on a beautiful parcel of land first settled in 1926 by students of the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Sunbridge affords our students a unique opportunity to become part of a living community where many of Steiner’s ideas can be seen at work.

DSC_5223 MH w cherry treesThe Threefold community’s original farmhouse, “The Main House,” houses Sunbridge’s offices and one classroom. Classes are also held in the adjacent Brookside building and in various locations around the community, including at many of the institutions listed below.

SBSU14-7.25-1310993 BrooksideThe beauty of the natural environment that surrounds our school—woodlands, gardens, walking trails, orchards, a farm, a swimming pond—presents an ideal backdrop for study and renewal. For more urban pursuits, however, New York City is only 30 miles and a local bus ride away.

Threefold Educational Center

AuditoriumAs the steward of the Threefold land, the Threefold Educational Center develops and supports a wide range of educational activities based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and houses many educational and community initiatives.

Eurythmy Spring Valley

Eurythmy schoolA center for practioners of eurythmy, an artistic form developed by Rudolf Steiner and his wife, Marie, that expresses music and language through movement, Eurythmy Spring Valley offers courses and workshops, a four-year training program, sponsors a touring ensemble, and offers various performances throughout the year. Sunbridge students’ eurythmy classes often take place in the beautiful eurythmy rooms of the School of Eurythmy.

Fellowship Community

Duryea sheep lgAdjacent to the Threefold property is the Fellowship Community, an intentional community of all ages, centered on the care of the elderly. Working and learning together in service to others and in caring for the earth is the central motif of The Fellowship, which also operates the Duryea apple orchard, dairy, and farm. Sunbridge students have opportunities to visit the Fellowship, take walks exploring their beautiful orchards, woodlands, and fields, and occasionally participate in festivals and events held there.

Fiber Craft Studio

DSC_5352 orchard HouseHoused in the historic Orchard House, with its adjacent dye garden, the Fiber Craft Studio is a center for research, practice, and teaching of handwork based on a spiritual view. In addition to hosting courses and workshops, the Studio carries many items for purchase in its online store, and holds open studio hours throughout the year.

Green Meadow Waldorf School

SBSU14-7.10-1290598 Walking at GMOne of the oldest and most well-established Waldorf schools in North America, Green Meadow Waldorf School enrolls about 350 students from Nursery/Kindergarten though High School. Green Meadow teaching faculty are actively involved in Sunbridge’s elementary teacher education and early childhood classes and courses, which often take place directly at the Waldorf school, allowing Sunbridge students to experience the life and environment of Waldorf education.  Green Meadow faculty also act as mentors for Sunbridge students, sharing their years of experience and insights.

Pfeiffer Center

Home to the first biodynamic farm in North America, the Pfeiffer Center practices, teaches, and spreads awareness of sustainable land care, through internships, workshops, and educational programs on subjects including biodynamic agriculture and organic beekeeping. Waldorf  teacher education gardening courses provide opportunities for Sunbridge students to experience the garden and the insights of the Pfeiffer Center master gardeners.

The Sunbridge Bookstore

Meadowlark lgThe Sunbridge Bookstore, housed in Meadowlark Toys & Sunbridge Books, is a great resource for Sunbridge students and their families. This delightful shop carries a full selection of Rudolf Steiner’s books and a large selection of books by anthroposophical authors, as well as other titles of interest to Waldorf teachers and family members of all ages. You can also find a wide array of Waldorf-inspired toys, art supplies, and gifts.

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