Staff Directory

Administration and Staff

Please note: Sunbridge offices are open Monday-Thursday. 

Individual staffers’ hours are noted on their voicemail.

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Tanya Corrin

Alumni and Donor Relations Coordinator
845-425-0055 ext.11

Ivy Greenstein

Director of Outreach
845-425-0055 ext.18

Jennifer Melendez

Administrative Assistant
845-425-0055 ext.17

Tamara Photiadis

845-425-0055 ext.16

Bette Shertzer

Director of Finance
845-425-0055 ext.25

Anna Silber

Director of Education
845-425-0055 ext.10

Penelope Voss

Admissions and Summer Series Coordinator
845-425-0055 ext.20

Jessica Heffernan Ziegler

Executive Director
845-425-0055 ext.23

Program Directors

Nancy Blanning

Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education

Leslie Burchell-Fox

Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education

Susan Howard

Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education

Jana Hawley

Waldorf Elementary Teacher Education and Specialized Teacher Education Intensives